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What is meant by the term "gas"?

An Ethereum application that I want to use talks about needing "gas" to run. What is gas, and where do I get it?
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DoS when a contract with too much storage is SELFDESTRUCT-ed?

SELFDESTRUCT-ing a Smart Contract requires effectively removing the EVM storage of that contract from the Ethereum database. What would happen if a newly-submitted tx would lead to the SELFDESTRUCT-...
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Ethernaut level 20 Denial probably no longer solvable. Why?

I solved all levels of Ethernaut game except level 20 Denial: Eventually, I gave up and looked up the solution on ...
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Hidding IP address behind sentry nodes

I would like to know how to set up an Ethereum node behind sentries (proxy nodes). I know there are several ways to approach this issue as mentioned here.
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Why are coins at risk when honestly staking?

It has been repeatedly written that staking nodes should buy DDoS protection or be at risk of losing their coins. Can someone explain why an honest staker is at risk of losing his coins in case it ...
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Is EVM vulnerable to denial of service with out of gas in call to other contract?

if I call a function in a sub-contract and it runs out of gas, the gas is not completely consumed. Instead, it is returned to the calling contract. Could that be a vulnerability for a denial of ...
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Denial attacks by submitting transactions with strategically calculated gas prices

As can be understood from the title, there is a specific form of denial attack where specific transactions are blocked by submitting transactions with strategically calculated gas prices. Example 1: ...
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How do Ethereum nodes defend against DDoS attacks by mass reading?

Suppose a bad actor has large amounts of data stored on a smart contract. Since reading data is free (doesn't need a transaction), what stops one from simply reading that data over and over again, ...
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Would a 51% attack be easier if an attacker can DoS certain nodes?

I am wondering whether a 51% attack would be simplified by being able to remotely crash miner nodes. Consider the following scenario: Malicious mining pool A controls 16% percent of the mining power ...
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2 answers

How is the ethereum network protected against bombardment with invalid transactions?

I am wondering what would happen to ethereum's mempool if it was bombarded with tons and tons of invalid transactions. Not even reverting transactions, because they cost gas, but against completely ...
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What are the possible security threats when using mappings in Solidity?

Does the use of a nested mapping possess any threats to the security of the contract below? contract Users { struct User { address payable regAddress; uint64 timestamp; ...
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If dos a single function solidity, will other functions not work?

I read lots of articles about dos causing a Denial Of Service. Let say that a contract has 2 functions, if called one of them repeatedly, will the other function works? Contract ABC { function one() ...
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Possibility of spoofing miners in Ethereum

Ethereum uses node IDs to identify nodes uniquely and to route traffic between nodes based on the node discovery protocol ( built on Kademlia-...
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Denial of Service(DoS) and withdraw.pendingReturns[msg.sender]=0;

I am trying to understand the role of : withdraw.pendingReturns[msg.sender]=0; in detecting denial of Service (DoS) vulnerability. The following paper VeriSolid says that: withdraw.pendingReturns[...
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