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Is EVM vulnerable to denial of service with out of gas in call to other contract?

if I call a function in a sub-contract and it runs out of gas, the gas is not completely consumed. Instead, it is returned to the calling contract. Could that be a vulnerability for a denial of ...
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Denial attacks by submitting transactions with strategically calculated gas prices

As can be understood from the title, there is a specific form of denial attack where specific transactions are blocked by submitting transactions with strategically calculated gas prices. Example 1: ...
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Possibility of spoofing miners in Ethereum

Ethereum uses node IDs to identify nodes uniquely and to route traffic between nodes based on the node discovery protocol ( built on Kademlia-...
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Denial of Service(DoS) and withdraw.pendingReturns[msg.sender]=0;

I am trying to understand the role of : withdraw.pendingReturns[msg.sender]=0; in detecting denial of Service (DoS) vulnerability. The following paper VeriSolid says that: withdraw.pendingReturns[...
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