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Getting 'too many arguments' error when calling a contract function through a forwarder contract using Openzeppelin's defender in Ethereum

I'm trying to interact with a smart contract function through a forwarder in Ethereum using Openzeppelin's defender relayer, but I'm encountering an error message that says: too many arguments: passed ...
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What is the best way to get an authentication token for openzeppelin defender

I'm trying to create a proposal using @openzeppelin/defender-admin-client. This is to upgrade a diamond standard contract owned by a multisig. But I keep getting this error message "...
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why i am getting DefenderApiResponseError: Request failed with status code 413 in some contracts

So, the problem is when i call defender.proposeUpgradeWithApproval it runs in some contracts but gives the below error is some, I have a script which do upgrades for all 10 contracts but it fails in ...
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Error when sending a transaction to Open Zeppelin Defender

I am getting the following error from Open Zeppelin Defender: signature missing v and recoveryParam This is my code: const config = require("../config/config"); const ethers = require('...
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Can OpenZeppelin Defender call nonReentrant functions?

I am getting this error running a transaction with a relayer in Open Zeppelin Defender: cannot estimate gas; transaction may fail or may require manual gas limit I know that you get this error when ...
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