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How debug a Hardhat task?

I've developed a task in my Hardhat Project but I'm getting some errors when I try to pass an array parameter (something in @ethersproject/strings/src.ts/utf8.ts says that Cannot read properties of ...
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1 answer

Smart contract has stopped working well (runs out of gas)

I created an ERC20-compliant token with a tax and redistribution mechanism and deployed to the Bitgert chain and it has worked fine for days now. It stopped working well yesterday and efforts to ...
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1 answer

Foundry Forge Debugger: How to inspect contents of variables?

Is there a convenient way to view the contents of a variable while debugging? Similar to other tooling, like the python debugger in pycharm, or the lldb debugger in Xcode. The forge debugger has a ...
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1 answer

How to access Struct values in brownie

//transaction struct of what a tx should have struct Transaction{ address to; uint value; bool executed; uint numConfirmations; mapping(address => bool) isConfirmed; mapping(...
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How to get opcode trace of failed transaction without solidity source?

tldr: want to run simulated transactions against deployed bytecode on rinkeby that has no verified solidity source, and step through opcodes and view stack/memory leading up to revert. To clairfy: in ...