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For questions regarding installation, configuration, running and debugging Ethereum software specifically on the Debian operating system.

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Installing Geth on Debian

I want to setup Geth developement environment on Debian. But it gives error gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found. As I enter sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:ethereum/ethereum As a result sudo apt install ...
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Problem installing Ethereum via apt-get on Debian Buster

I want to run a geth fullnode (with fast syncmode) to be able to use the JSON RPC. I have a VMWare-based vm set up which fits all the requirements as far as I can see. Domain. Fixed IP address. Disk ...
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How do I install Go-ethereum and solidity on Debian10

I am using debain on wsl and I want to install ethereum and solidity for blockchain development but I am not able to find an exact way to do it.
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Get the address of a contract without using Remix-ide

I'm studying Ethereum, I need to get the contract address for interact with web3, I can not use Remix-IDE for this since that I installed Kali as an operating system. How I get the contract address ...
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How to compile solidity code in Kali Linux

I have tried to install the remix IDE for compile my codes in solidity, since for some reason the remix IDE don't open online. I executed the codes bellow and give that errors. Sorry anything ...
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What if there is an interruption in the geth sync process

I run geth attach command that s currently doing some sync with the blockchain. I can see the status in the geth JavaScript console like, When I execute the command of eth.syncing, The output is, ...
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armhf build of ethereum

I'm having trouble building from source and/or finding a prebuilt binary (ideally this would be statically-linked) of ethereum to begin mining. Is anyone looking at this build failure? https://...
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Unable to unlock account with Parity and Web3 on the testnet

I'm running a local Parity node for the testnet (Ropsten) on Debian (Jessie). I'm using to connect to this node and create transactions. I've created a new account: parity account new --...
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Installing solidity in Debian Linux

I'm trying to install solidity but apparently there are no online repositories with all dependencies. I have tried using the methods described here. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ethereum/ethereum ...
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How to install eth on debian? (symbol lookup error)

I installed from the ubuntu ppa and got this error. ➜ ~ eth eth: symbol lookup error: eth: undefined symbol: _ZN3dev3eth14EthashGPUMiner14s_numInstancesE What can I do / check? I'm on debian ...
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