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A database is an organized collection of data. It is the collection of schemas, tables, queries, reports, views, and other objects. The data are typically organized to model aspects of reality in a way that supports processes requiring information. Use this tag if you have questions about designing a database. If it is about a particular database management system, (e.g., MySQL), please use that tag instead.

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Exploring and Analyzing the Ethereum blockchain

I would like to explore the data inside of the Ethereum blockchain. All transactions and contracts of the Ethereum Blockchain are stored there. So it's an interesting open dataset and I'd like to get ...
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Which database(s) do the ethereum clients use and why?

Ethereum clients (such as geth, eth, pyethapp, ethereumj, and ethereumH) download the Ethereum blockchain from their peers and then store a copy of it locally, presumably indexed within some sort of ...
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What is the composition of the blockchain database?

From axic's explanation of the structure of the ethereum database, we learned that data is stored in Merkle Patricia tries, usually inside a LevelDB store. It consists of structures such as blocks, ...
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Database used for Parity

Specific to Geth the database used is LevelDB. But what is the database used for parity?
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How to reduce chaindata database size?

Currently chaindata size is more then 10.02 GB. Is there any solution to reduce the size of stored data? Is there a way to store particular database and keep entirely the functionality of client (e.g....
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LDB files reading

I'm looking for the format of the LDB files in order to fetch all the contracts created by my account. I read in a post on reddit (
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Ethereum - Does it only have a single blockchain?

I still do not get if ethereum creators want it to be single blockchain or not? If not, where are instructions for creating my own blockchain to play with?
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Is it possible for multiple geth processes to share chain data?

I would like to know if it is at all possible to have multiple geth processes share the same chain data. I currently have multiple nodes (for a private chain) connected to the same file system via ...
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Where do you save the application data of a Dapp?

Let's say that I want to implement a Dapp similar to Facebook. Each user has its own profile, pictures and information. Usually you would use a database to store all this data. This guarantees that ...
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Syncing events on Database - Dealing with blockchain reorganization

My Dapp relies on live events synchronization on a centralized database. There is always a server side script polling the blockchain for new events, parsing then and do the corresponding operations on ...
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Thinking through from traditional DB to ETH

I am looking for a data structure kind of like this: [ "data": { "id": 0, "hash" : "5feceb66ffc86f38d952786c6d696c79c2dbc239dd4e91b46729d73a27fb57e9", "owner" : 0, "status" : "...
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Where should I store GPS data on Ethereum?

Where should I store GPS (or other frequently changing, content searchable data on Ethereum)? Blockchain is not the best place for this kind of data, because it is expensive, but swarm is not ...
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