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Questions tagged [dapps]

Questions about applications and projects on Ethereum: a decentralized application (dapp) does not require any servers or backends and runs independent on a distributed blockchain.

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5 votes
1 answer

Why do dapp websites ask me to connect to them?

I don't understand why we need to run our own nodes to be using a DApp? Can they just run their own nodes instead?
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3 answers

What is Whisper and what is it used for?

It's admittedly a very general question, but I've heard "Whisper" mentioned in several places when reading about certain DApps. I understand it allows peer-to-peer messaging of some kind, but what ...
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32 votes
4 answers

How to create a Dapp from scratch on Ethereum?

Let's say we have someone who knows about blockchain but who doesn't have any background in blockchain-based application. That person wants to code an ethereum-based Dapp (decentralized application) ...
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13 votes
6 answers

Is there a list of DAPPS that are already useable? [closed]

Is there a list of DAPPs that are already useable? Useable means there is an easy accessible GUI, that can interact with the contract.
10 votes
3 answers

Is there a tool that creates a basic HTML interface from an ABI?

I am looking for a tool that builds a basic interface for a contract so that I can use this generated HTML as a starting point to build the front end. I am aware that Mist,
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What are the different GUI's available for Ethereum? [closed]

Are there any easy to use GUI's for Ethereum?
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