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Remix debugger ignores breakpoint

Description of issue I'm trying to debug a simple contract using remix on chrome v. 65 on Ubuntu. I must be doing something wrong, because I have the following issue: When I place a breakpoint in ...
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How to inspect MetaMask

I was wondering how can I listen to the requests & data that are being sent between the MetaMask extension & DApp, My purpose is to inspect how is MetaMask reacting to DApp requests so that I ...
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truffle migration error

this is the truffle-config.js file: const path = require("path"); module.exports = { // See <> // to customize your Truffle ...
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Unable to call a function from my smart contract in react

So I have checked and the smart contract is working perfectly in hardhat but when I am call it in react I am facing problem // SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT pragma solidity >=0.5.0 <0.9.0; ...
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Chrome refuses to open and claims my dapp website is malicious

I just deployed a simple dapp on which users can connect their wallet and deploy their own ERC20 token. However, when I click the link of my website, Chrome doesn't open it and I get a red page ...
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Sending transaction via nodejs backend , trying to send ether from one address to another

I am trying to send ether from one account to another I am using the modules web3, express and ethereumjs-tx. And also Infura rinkey as my provider. I am having problems that if the value is too high ...
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Error: VM Exception when inserting into ordered statistics tree

I am trying to use an ordered statistics tree library in solidity based on this implementation with some minor modifications to make it into a ...
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Debug with geth

I'm trying to debug a failed ether transaction and to understand what went wrong. The transaction is this one:
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Does Mist Wallet support transfer of Ether through a Smart Contract?

I have implemented a private ethereal blockchain. I have also deployed a simple trading smart contract. It runs fine once deployed through MIST wallet. The problem is that it does not subtract ether ...
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How to fix 'Waiting for roots to load...' in react-devtools for a dApp?

I am building a Parity UI dApp from the Skeleton dApp at and I want to debug it with Facebook's react-devtools Since Parity renders the dApp in an iframe, I ...
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browser debug tools

I found it really painful to debug data flow between dapp and rpcnode im talking to. I have to search over network tab in chrome dev tools, manually decode data (when know abi ... ). When it comes to ...
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Why registerAllowedOrderSigner function doesnt work

i created a limit order. Then what I wanted is to give access to another address who can sign the order on behalf of me. I called the registerAllowedOrderSigner method from the proxy contract and ...
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Smart contrat working in remix ide but actions not working with web3.js html interface, only displays work and i can't figure out where and why it is

first of all thank you for your time reading this. I'm trying to learn and play with solidity on polygon mumbai blockchain. I worked with internet forums, videos and chatgpt4. Here is some details ...
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I cannot divide these two values together in solidity

function calculate( uint index )public view returns(uint, uint, bool){ uint avh1; uint avh2; uint avh3; uint avl1; uint avl2; uint avl3; uint allowbuy; uint ...
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