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ETH2 Atomic Composability and Sharding: What does it really mean for DeFi users?

In the following post, Vitalik Buterin claimed that ETH2-Sharding will not break DeFi composablity: [1] However, I am not at all convinced by ...
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Extra fee for cross shard transactions

I have been looking into sharding and I wanted to figure out how much extra fee or gas does a person needs to spend on a cross shard transaction compared to a transaction within a shard. What could ...
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0 answers

What is the duty of a Notary in interaction between chains ? (Updated) [closed]

What is the precise definition of "Notary" entity? Is the definition of "Notary" the same in "interoperability between different blockchains" AND "cross-shard transaction in a shared chain"? Or do we ...
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Griefing Attacks: Are they profitable for the attacker?

The following article explains one of the solutions for indirectly validate a block when cross-sharding transaction between two shards to prevent invalid blocks. The article called one of these ...
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The "Fisherman" idea for indirectly determining the validity of the canonical chain?

The following article explains the problem of validating a block in a cross-shard transaction in a sharded chain, along with existing solutions. One of the mentioned solutions is the "Fisherman" idea ...
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Validating cross-shard transaction using Beacon chain snapshots?

According to this article: (Link to article), there are two types of validation for cross-shard transactions: Synchronous and Asynchronous. But the question is that why cannot we use Beacon chain ...