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Error in plugin solidity-coverage: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'match')

when running yarn hardhat coverage, it compiled the solidity files successfully and then gave the following error message: Error in plugin solidity-coverage: TypeError: Cannot read properties of ...
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Force foundry to ignore contracts during a coverage report

Right now, in foundry, if I run my coverage report, sometimes it'll include my mocks, which I don't want. Example: | File | % Lines | % ...
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solidity-coverage giving wrong report

The first time I ran npx hardhat coverage it hadn't removed the files that should be ignored and I got this result, which is correct. But after I added this to .solcover.js: module.exports = { ...
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What is the % Branch column for in solidity-coverage?

In the solidity-coverage package output, there is a column called % Branch, what is it for? yarn hardhat coverage Output: ---------------------------|----------|----------|----------|----------|------...
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solidity-coverage error

I want to make code coverage for my project. I installed the solidity-coverage from this page: and then ran this command in truffle : truffle run ...
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Truffle: how to override compiler settings via the CLI?

This is a highly specific bottleneck encountered when using Truffle. In my normal truffle-config.js file, I have the optimizer enabled. I run a CI pipeline which has a coverage job. I use 0x/sol-...
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solidity-coverage adds extra events which make unit-test fail

It seems that when using the latest solidity-coverage (0.5.11), truffle (5.0.0-next.25) ganache-cli (6.2.4-beta.1) and solc (0.5.0) additional events / logs are emitted during tests which make the ...
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