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Can PoS validators directly influence and choose the output hash of the block?

I'm interested in explanation for Ethereum Beacon [1] and also any forked EVM network [2] (Polygon, Binance, Fantom). Here's validator turn to validate the block. Can he directly pick the set of ...
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Why we can't build decentralized applications upon Bitcoin?

I have recently gotten into blockchain development and reading from different sources, watching videos I've incurred that we have been building major De-Fi projects, applications upon Ethereum, EVMs ...
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What’s the transaction ordering inside a block? [duplicate]

The game I found a game where each gambler needs to pay 0.02 ᴇᴛʜ to register a secret before the game before the games switch to status==reveal each day. Then, during the status==reveal period no ...
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Can block validation be done using machine Learning Algorithms?

I am looking for a new era of products that leverages the potential of Machine Learning and the blockchain, Thinking of different aspects of Blockchain which can be improved with the help of machine ...
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How a full node knows which chain to follow?

After Istanbul fork, my full node followed the longest chain which has: Longest Chain Highest TotalDifficulty It seems that the shorter chain of the core-dev closing the gap - total difficulty ...
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Casper proposal mechanism

I do not understand how the proposal mechanism illutstrated here works. A proposal mechanism is a mechanism that proposes hashes, which the rest of the machinery with PREPARE and COMMIT messages ...
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In Casper, how can a block be finalized if previous blocks are unconfirmed?

As explained in an Ethereum blog post, one consequence of consensus-by-bet is that: a block can remain unconfirmed even when blocks after that block are completely finalized. The given example ...
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How is "by-block consensus" different from " by-chain consensus"?

I see Vlad Zamfir was able to demonstrate by-block consensus has great merit to Vitalik. Is it better than by-chain consensus? What are the risks associated with developing by-block consensus into ...
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