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I am creating a one private blockchain network over aws cloud with the help of 2 ubuntu instances. But I am unable to connect 2 nodes. Even I have checked it with ping with its internal Ips and both ...
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Parity syncing in archive mode stuck at block 4839206

I am running Parity inside docker in pod in Kubernets on Google Cloud. The pod is using disk with 2700 GB for storing Ethereum blockchain, and currently disk has about 2100 GB free. Unfortunately for ...
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Ethereum mining pool

Guys I want to build a mining pool for ethereum which is based on GPU mining. I've searched alot but I couldn't find anything except genoil(cpp-ethereum) which supports GPU mining but the creation of ...
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distributed mining in ethereum. is it possible?

is there a way to run mining on different nodes for the same network? say I have a network of 3 nodes and i want that three should run miner.start
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how blockchain-cloud companies like Storj prevent changing files by farmers? [closed]

How does companies like Storj handle the possible situation of farmers who can change the files that they store? Say I upload to the blockchain cloud network the file "cat.jpg". Now a contract added ...
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How does data storage on the blockchain work?

If I store file chunks in the blocks, I'm causing duplicated blocks all over the networks (I mean, my file's chunks will be in each computer on the blockchain network, So eventually I have many many ...
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Why does mining continue without pending transactions (e.g. turned on by default with Azure Template)? [duplicate]

I understand that the miner mines after calling miner.start() until you call miner.stop(). This is already explained here. However, I want to understand the idea behind this concept of continuous ...
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Is Mining with hashrate 100 KH/s on my computer same as 100 KH/s on cloud mining? [duplicate]

I'm new to mining. I just started yesterday with a software: MinerGate. It shows that my computer is mining at about 100 KH/s. Contrary to the other guy Does my mining situation sound normal? I can ...