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Chainlink Automation ( Upkeep ) Design Choice

Within my system, there is a mother smart contract capable of breeding identical baby smart contracts. In general, a certain action needs to be done in the baby smart contracts ( at some point ) to ...
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Chainlink VRF2, Automation - Raffle Game

i am writing a raffle game contract, I integrated Chainlink keepers to check how much time has passed and pick the winner to move on to next round. function checkUpkeep( bytes calldata ...
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Address to String in Chainlink Request is giving error?

When i am using req.add("publicKey","any_public_key_here_as_string"); I have 2 steps mentioned in our job specification decode_cbor [type=cborparse data="$(
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Keepers explained in Defi

So I have been working on a fork for GMX. In the end it gets stuck on off chain keepers (which was supposedly fixed by Chainlinks upkeep). Can someone please explain what exactly is happening? I dont ...
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