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Could not fetch "chain" ID for Custom TESTNET at MetaMask

I am currently trying to create a custom public PoS testnet using the example found in the link: My node (PC) is connected to a router, ...
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WalletConnectv2 Issue for Gnosis-Safe Chain IDs Error

I'm working with a team to build out a new wallet to connect to Safe with WalletConnectv2. However, I'm getting an error in the backend that it says that you only support chainID EIP155:42220 which is ...
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How to add Pulsechain (ChainID 369) with factory proxy Gnosis-Safe existing ETH vault

Last week I managed to create a Polygon Gnosis Safe for my existing vault by adding the factory proxy, given at github:
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Chain id error while creating a new network custom RPC in metamask connecting private network in virtual machine

I have a dought related to the. Blockchain topic Sir. I am creating a private blockchain POA using geth Using virtual machine In between, I am connecting it to the metamask by creating custom RPC ...
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How can I add Rinkeby in Metamask?

I have a problem: I can't add Rinkeby Test Network in Metamask. First, I tried to add it from settings -> show test networks(on) and it doesn't work. Then I tried to add it manually and I created ...
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