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Chainlink CCIP publishing message (encoded function call) to bring USDC from another chain is getting reverted with "Ready for manual execution" error

The encoded function call corresponding to bringUsdcFromAnotherChain when called using publishMessageToBringUsdcFromAnotherChain is getting reverted with "Ready for manual execution" error ...
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0 votes
2 answers

How to use native token as fee in CCIP local unit tests?

Setting up unit tests for CCIP with the LINK token as the fee token is successful, but how can the same thing be done using native tokens such as ETH as the fee token? For example, here is part of the ...
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0 answers

Chainlink CCIP Token Transfer error; failure to generate proper Client.EVM2AnyMessage

I am trying to follow the Chainlink's masterclass on CCIP in transferring a token cross chain but I keep getting roadblocked with this one error, Error: (code: -32000, message: execution reverted, ...
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