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Swiss army knife for interacting with EVM smart contracts, sending transactions and getting chain data

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Foundry : cast storage command storage slot argument posing length issue

When I try to get the private variable stored at storage slot 0 of the contract storage using the cast storage command, cast storage <my-contract-address> 0 --rpc-url <my-rpc-url> I get ...
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I got an error when I make cast send command

When I try to make this command cast send --rpc-url "" --private-key 0x*****b5f312b946890bc3256199b2570dded16e18a8336eeef3cfae0f8a***** ...
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How two different functions name can have same function signature?

This is the below code cast sig "workMyDirefulOwner(uint256,uint256)" 0xa9059cbb ...
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Download smartcontract's bytecode

Is there a way to download a smartcontract's bytecode with foundry and inject this bytecode into a local Anvil blockchain (at a given address) ? Thanks
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Transaction not found using `cast publish` of Foundry

I wrote this function in go-ethereum to return a raw transaction: func createTx(c *ethclient.Client) (rawTxnHex string) { from := common.HexToAddress("...
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