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Brave is an open source privacy-focused web browser based on Chrome.

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Connecting to MetaMask using Web3.js: Web3.givenProvider vs window.ethereum

I am a newcomer to DApp development and am currently attempting to programmatically connect to MetaMask using Web3.js. I am following the Getting Started guide (
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Can I tip Basic Attention Token (BAT) directly without using Brave Browser?

From the BAT FAQ, Explain the Brave and BAT products and how they work together. [...] Whether you want to earn BAT by seeing ads, or buy tokens directly, you can use them to support the sites you ...
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UseDApp TransactionStatus not working in Brave

I used useEffect with status of the transaction in dependency array: const { send: approveErc20Send, state: approveErc20State } = useContractFunction(tokenContract, "approve", { ...
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How to import Brave Wallet into Metamask?

I'm trying to write to an Etherscan contract, but Etherscan only supports Metamask and WalletConnect. The contract depends on my Brave address, so I downloaded Metamask and imported my Brave seed. ...
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Is there any reason why Brave Browser seemingly injects some ethereum related script in the <head> tag sometimes?

Recently, while inspecting the html of a random website, I noticed this weird script at the bottom the <head> tag. I've unminified it for better readability. I opened the same site on another ...
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Restore Brave Browser Crypto Wallets with seed from MEW

I've created a MEW wallet and noted the seed (Mnemonic phrase). After playing around with the Brave Browser and its Crypto Wallets plugin, I tried to restore the account from the seed I received from ...
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How to download the blockchain of a single ethereum contract’s address?

The blockchain required to run ethereum is several Terabytes large. This means more than 9 years would be required to download it with my connection speed. In my case, I just want to know if the ...
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How do you expose the ethereum private key from the brave browser?

I have some funds on the brave browser, but how do I extract the ethereum private key from the brave browser?
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