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Bootstrap node that does not rebroadcast transactions?

I have a local ethereum network where peers connect to each other based on certain conditions. Local forks and merging occur, so it is common that there are multiple blockchain versions with different ...
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bootstrap node vs cmd/bootnode

I am using bootnode as a starting/meeting point for my private POA/clique network. When I start it since one of the latest versions it says: fmt.Println("Note: you're using cmd/bootnode, a developer ...
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Who is providing the syncing and bootstraping services on ETH? Do they get paid?

I understand that a node can request synchronization from the network. But who is fulfilling those requests? How are these requests sent out? Are they sent to the entire network or 1 specific node? ...
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Treating bootstrap nodes as any other node in private ethereum network

I'm chasing a problem which requires me to deploy a private Ethereum network. I was wondering if it is absolutely necessary to add dedicated bootstrap nodes whose sole purpose is to aid in peer ...
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Networking - p2p connections through router

This isn't unique to Ethereum per se, but I'm curious how p2p clients (e.g. geth) allow peers to receive messages from the outside world with default router configurations. I have tried running the ...
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