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a space-efficient probabilistic data structure used in the Ethereum Blockchain

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How can I parse an Ethereum block-level logsBloom?

I have been downloading blocks from EVM-based blockchains via the JSON-RPC API via eth_getBlockByNumber. In the block there is a logsBloom element which, if I understand this correctly, is an ...
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newHeads: does logsBloom contain all addresses?

Looking at newHeads and the docs say: Fires a notification each time a new header is appended to the chain, including chain reorganizations. Users can use the bloom filter to determine if the block ...
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Can you filter an indexed event parameters?

Can you filter an indexed event parameters? Does indexing make filtering more efficient or does indexing make filtering possible?
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Bloom Filters - is the blockchain filtered block by block?

I understand that bloom filters are used to quickly scan for log topics and corresponding contract addresses. I also understand that an 2048-bit bloom filter is stored in the block header. Question: ...
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What exactly does the "m" function in the formal Bloom filter specifications do?

Excerpt from page 6 of the yellow white paper: I can understand the first three definitions, the fourth one is problematic. How does the m function actually work? Maybe I'm not too familiar with ...
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How to parse through the logsBloom of a block or transaction using solidity

Currently trying to figure out how to parse through the logsBloom portion of block and transaction headers using solidity. I've researched the topic so far and have come to the understanding that RLP ...
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What exactly is included in the bloom filters?

Exactly which addresses are included in the transaction receipts bloom filters? I know that each 'address' in the logs of the receipt are include (as are the event signature and the indexed event ...
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Is the LogsBloom in the block header the same as the Bloom filter in the Transaction Receipts Trie?

Reading the yellow paper, I'm attempting to understand the difference between the Hb and Rb values - they appear to be the same thing, unless I've missed something. Is the LogsBloom in the block ...
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Why are log entries stored as both tuples and bloom filter in the Transaction Receipts Trie [duplicate]

Gavin Wood's Yellow paper describes the a transaction receipt (p5, sec 4.3.1): The transaction receipt is a tuple of four items com- prising the post-transaction state, R_sigma, the cumulative ...
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