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Many errors in Backend API

I'm trying to run Blockscout by follow this. I have 5 Besu nodes running fine. I can see all Blockscout components running without any error. The Backend API component was done the database creation. ...
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Blockscout Hardhat "Unable to find a block containing transaction"

I had Hardhat node running and then started up Blockscout from docker-compose (hardhat-network.yml) and all seemed to be ok. I made some config changes to hardhat as I'm attempting to verify contracts ...
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Issue Connecting BlockScout to Ethereum Private Network

I have set up BlockScout using Docker for my Ethereum private network. All the containers are functioning correctly, and the backend is successfully connected to the Ethereum node. However, I'm facing ...
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How to verify a stylus smart contract?

I have deployed the Counter contract to the Stylus testnet. However, looking at verification options, it looks like only Solidity & Vyper is supported. Is there a way to verify a Stylus (rust-...
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Blockscout Explorer : Issue with Smart contract Verification Service

We have successfully set up a Blockscout explorer using the docker-compose containers from the repository ( The explorer is ...
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Can block scout connect to a full node and index the transactions in the DB or does it need to be connected to an archive node?

For my project, I want to query the database that will be created and filled by Blockscout (an open-source block explorer). I have set up a full Ethereum node using Geth and Teku that is currently ...
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Where one can get a prebuild blockscout database?

To build a blockscout database on requiers to have a lot of space (a full archive node). I want to continue building blockscout DB from some point in time (not from scratch) to shorten the amount of ...
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