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Questions tagged [block-production]

Questions about block production and proposers (in Ethereum 2.0)

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Is Ethereum 2's proposer selected unique, weighted and DOS-resistant?

Several pages claim that Ethereum 2's block proposer selection is unique and done in proportion to weights, yet single secret leader election is not simple. I am aware of the whisk proposal that ...
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Latency between block production and data reception

I am trying to measure the latency between the block production (eg block.timestamp) and the data reception (eg; I tried with different nodes (Infura, Amazon Managed Blockchain and my very ...
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Eth2 Client Teku missing proposals: MissingDepositsException

My Eth2 validator occasionally encounters a MissingDepositsException. For the second time now my validator missed a block proposal with the exception: tech.pegasys.teku.validator.coordinator....
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Proof of Stake leader-election [duplicate]

So I understand Proof-of-work high level, where nodes work to solve a "puzzle". And once they've created a valid block they then broadcast it to the network. So that node receives the reward ...
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How are block proposers selected in Ethereum 2.0?

i'm doing some research about Ethereum 2.0 for university. I think i understand the way it works, but i have a perplexity about the proposer selection in a slot, especially after reading the codes ...
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How does eth2 Random Election Work?

In eth2 validators will be randomly selected. What is the formula for how this random selection works?
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