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2 answers

How much faster is it to sync with --jitvm?

geth help has: VIRTUAL MACHINE OPTIONS: --jitvm Enable the JIT VM The impact of --jitvm has been unanswered and I'm looking for answers to these 3 specifically: How much faster is geth --fast -...
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11 votes
2 answers

Mining Performance of AMD Radeon Pro Duo

I would like to evaluate the purchase of that GPU for Ethereum Mining. Does someone already have benchmarks?
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8 votes
1 answer

parity TPS optimization - please help

how to accelerate parity PoA ? I have been benchmarking different Ethereum clients with a focus on their PoA capabilities. Current results are: 56 TPS with parity aura 322 TPS with geth clique ...
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How much faster is it to sync the FULL blockchain with --cache=1024?

Running Geth with --cache=1024 is recommended to be able to sync the blockchain faster (since the default is only --cache=16. I want to have the full blockchain (all past transaction data) so do not ...
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5 votes
2 answers

How to remove/increase execution timeout of the geth's evm?

I am performing some benchmarking with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. I have a contract with just one function that calculates the prime numbers until 100k. However, I am not able to get my results as ...
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2 answers

Is there any benchmark tool to test transaction speed?

I'd like to know how many tx/sec does ethereum clients(like geth) in private network can process. Is there any benchmark software which can send many transactions or messages to ethereum clients?
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3 votes
1 answer

Benchmarking energy usage of executing smart contracts

I'm working on a project that will allow for me to benchmark of the top ten most popular smart contracts which I'll take from EtherScan. The idea of the project is to determine if the smart contract ...
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What is the best way to push transactions with hight rate (>1000 per second)?

In order to test the throughput of a private Ethereum, I need to send multiple transactions as fast as possible. Can web3js ensures fast delivery of transactions? or there is an other more efficient ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Solidity benchmarking metrics [duplicate]

I am trying to figure out the best ways of benchmarking Solidity contracts. As with normal benchmarking, I presume one would basically want to measure computational effort and storage overhead: gas ...
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1 answer

Good source for TPS and transaction latency / finality for private Ethereum blockchains

I am looking for a good source / sources to compare TPS and transaction latency (How long it takes to send a transaction until it is mined) for different private blockchain solutions. Especially I am ...
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1 answer

Ethereum performance using whiteblock

I have recently heard about whiteblock testing platform, however, there is no details on how to build your own test. Do you have any idea about how to use it and how powerful the platform is?
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2 votes
0 answers

ethminer benchmarking mode llvm error

I recently installed ethminer from the new active repository: ethminer --version returns: ethminer version 0.11.0.dev0 Build: Linux/g++/Release My OS ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Official data about synchronization time

Are there in the literature or from the Ethereum community/foundation any official benchmark about geth (or any other client, e.g. parity) initial synchronization time (with both fast and normal sync)?...
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How can I measure block processing time on a given Ethereum client?

I'm looking for a tool or library to measure block processing time on a given Ethereum client. My scenario would be to be able to compare block processing time to State size. The goal is to understand ...
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Setting up a private Ethereum network and integrate it with Hyperledger Caliper

I hope you're alright and safe there. I'm trying to set up a private Ethereum network and bind it to Hyperledger Caliper. However, I couldn't sufficient sources to do that. Recently, I used geth v1.19 ...
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1 vote
4 answers

how to measure a function execution time in online solidity compiler [duplicate]

I'm using online solidity compiler and would like to measure the CPU time for executing a function by capturing the time at start and end of the function. I found example for Javascript, but when ...
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1 answer

Should I care about these benchmark values?

Let's say I have a contract which, for the sake of this post, inherits OpenZeppelin's Ownable. I made a minor update (in terms of code / complexity: an override & revert to disable a method). Then ...
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2 answers

Is there a benchmarking tool to make some tests on the 7nodes quorum-example running on vagrant?

I set my quorum network using 7nodes quorum-example running on vagrant. Now, I need a testing tool to evaluate my implementation (TPS, latency, ...). I tried some tools but every time I have problems: ...
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Hyperledger Caliper - Can we build a work load module that can invoke and query from already deployed contract in the blockchain?

I am trying to benchmark a smart contract that interacts with an already deployed contract on the blockchain using Hyperledger Caliper. The overall framework is functioning correctly for other ...
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Hyperledger-caliper Ethereum Benchmarking (Error: nonce undefined)

I am using hyperledger-caliper to benchmark the Ethereum local network (Ganache). The contract is a simple storage contract, nothing fancy. I can deploy the contract using the code provided below. But ...
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Caliper Integration with local ethereum network giving json path error

I am using hyperledger-caliper for the benchmarking of my private ethereum network. I followed their official source for the setting it up and get into work with ethereum. But I'm getting error shown ...
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Transactions are failing randomly for multiple reasons when sending them in bulk for a benchmark

I'm trying to benchmark a private blockchain network (3 Vagrant nodes with 2gb of RAM running Geth Clique PoA, on an i7 7th gen Intel Core machine), following this process: A function launch n ...
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View/Constant function benchmarks

Given I want to return a mapping from a function, which is impossible, therefore I return each of the mapping's item in a function by a corresponding ID, like this answer suggests : How to return a ...
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