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What is the best way to push transactions with hight rate (>1000 per second)?

In order to test the throughput of a private Ethereum, I need to send multiple transactions as fast as possible. Can web3js ensures fast delivery of transactions? or there is an other more efficient ...
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ethminer benchmarking mode llvm error

I recently installed ethminer from the new active repository: ethminer --version returns: ethminer version 0.11.0.dev0 Build: Linux/g++/Release My OS ...
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How can I measure block processing time on a given Ethereum client?

I'm looking for a tool or library to measure block processing time on a given Ethereum client. My scenario would be to be able to compare block processing time to State size. The goal is to understand ...
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Setting up a private Ethereum network and integrate it with Hyperledger Caliper

I hope you're alright and safe there. I'm trying to set up a private Ethereum network and bind it to Hyperledger Caliper. However, I couldn't sufficient sources to do that. Recently, I used geth v1.19 ...
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Caliper Integration with local ethereum network giving json path error

I am using hyperledger-caliper for the benchmarking of my private ethereum network. I followed their official source for the setting it up and get into work with ethereum. But I'm getting error shown ...
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Transactions are failing randomly for multiple reasons when sending them in bulk for a benchmark

I'm trying to benchmark a private blockchain network (3 Vagrant nodes with 2gb of RAM running Geth Clique PoA, on an i7 7th gen Intel Core machine), following this process: A function launch n ...
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View/Constant function benchmarks

Given I want to return a mapping from a function, which is impossible, therefore I return each of the mapping's item in a function by a corresponding ID, like this answer suggests : How to return a ...
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