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Amount of data that can be transferred in a given unit of time.

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Can Ethereum be used to tokenize bandwidth?

Decentralizing internet bandwidth usage, by allowing blockchain users to act as server nodes using their desktop computers and be paid for it, would fix the problem of running massive server rooms ...
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What is it that allows Ethereum process a larger amount of transctions per second than Bitcoin?

From a point of view of a developer: what is it that allows Ethereum process a larger amount of transactions per second than Bitcoin can? Is it more optimized polished code? Is it something on a more ...
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How large network traffic is expected for Ethereum 2.0 Staking node?

Would be interested what can be rough estimated network costs of running full staking client. For staking it's currently required to run: Eth1 node (Not counting initial sync which require initial ...
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Is there a list of safe low-bandwidth software wallets?

Suppose a user has very limited access to the Internet and needs a safe low-bandwidth wallet while awaiting a hardware wallet.
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What is the approximate bandwidth used for first sync? [duplicate]

I began syncing the ethereum blockchain the other day and to my horror 2GB had downloaded with no sign of stopping. I've very limited bandwidth, so I cancelled the sync. Does anyone know how much ...
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What are the bandwidth requirements to run a full node? [duplicate]

Is running a full node (mining) bandwidth heavy or is it hardware (GPU) heavy?
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Is it recommended to run Ethereum supernodes?

In the early days of bitcoin there was a demand for system administrators who were able to run supernodes to support the network with stable nodes and high bandwidth. Litecoin is still recommending ...
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