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My swap smart contract doesn't seem to swap the tokens

I have made a smart contract on Avalanche Fuji chain to test swapping tokens. When I call the smart contract on Remix, my AVAX gets sent, but I never get the USDC I am supposed to get for my AVAX. I ...
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Get back the funds I send to avax smart contract that I made

can somebody help me with this contract I made? I put in 15.99 avax to this smart contract I made for the 1st time in my life. It was with this code that I didn't made:
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is it possible to deposit Avax into brownie generated account? [brownie]

I like to ask if I generate a new account in brownie, can I deposit avax into it? I am wondering because many platforms warn about sending coins to the wrong type of address. I understand I can ...
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What are the differences between the gaslanes in Chainlink VRFv2?

I'm looking to implement Chainlink VRF on the Avalanche Chain, and I have an issue estimating the gasLane. On chainlink docs, they have 3 tiers: 200 gwei Key Hash 500 gwei Key Hash 1000 gwei Key Hash ...
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GS013 error when executing Gnosis Safe transaction for function of MultiSig Wallet

Me and another owner were recently transferred team tokens for a protocol we just became new owners of. This is currently on AVAX NETWORK. In the protocol, there is a claim function to claim linearly ...
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I sent avax to a flash loan contract , can i get it back? i got the code online 0xCDD09A51Eb4C3ACDFaB9257719362CBaC199d0a9 this is address

// This is for educational purposes only! // Try it at your own risk! // Follow carefully the video // Do not modify this contract code otherwise it won't work on you! // Just Copy+Paste and ...
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How can I generate random numbers in Avalanche?

I believe ChainLink VRF is not enabled in Avalanche. Is there any way to generate a secure random number there? Thanks!
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Avalanche - How do I get networkId?? (No ChainId)

I am trying to get networkID with web3 in avalanche testnet, according to avalanche documentation: On Mainnet, the C-Chain uses 1 and 43114 for these values. On the Fuji Testnet, it uses 1 and 43113 ...
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Sending AVAX on Fuji testnet using MetaMask: "RPC Error: Invalid parameters: must provide an Ethereum address"

I am able to manually send some AVAX from one to another wallet on the Fuji testnet using MetaMask. Now I am trying to program it as an on-click button on my dapp as follows: const ...
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