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Why Balance in Aurora shows like 0 in WETH?

Have a question about my wallet balance Check Function in hardhat script. It's always seeing like 0 but it's not. My function: let config,arb,owner; const network =; if (network === '...
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1 vote
0 answers

How do you hard-fork a Clique PoA chain to use new validators?

Imagine you've got a running PoA chain using Clique PoA with Geth. If everything is running normally, you can propose additions and removals of validators and the existing validators will vote on the ...
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1 answer

Parity proof of authority aura, how to detect misbehaviour?

I'm having trouble finding the answer looking at the Parity POA aura examples, the documentation on Parity Validator Sets, plus the Kovan validator set contract solidity source code. I see that you ...
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3 votes
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Defining a block reward contract in Parity Aura consensus

I've been looking at creating a block reward contract for Parity (as documented here). I'm wondering if I would be able to model a system using this that would send all the wei spent on a transaction ...
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8 votes
1 answer

parity TPS optimization - please help

how to accelerate parity PoA ? I have been benchmarking different Ethereum clients with a focus on their PoA capabilities. Current results are: 56 TPS with parity aura 322 TPS with geth clique ...
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7 votes
1 answer

How well do Proof of Authority (PoA) implementations of Geth (Clique) and Parity (Aura) scale?

Has anybody tried to run PoA networks with 100 or more validators? Given a fixed block size, how did the number of validators effect transaction throughput and latency?
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8 votes
1 answer

Difference between Geth POA Clique and Parity POA Aura

I am creating my own private blockchain with a POA consensus. What is the difference between POA networks created by Geth (Clique) and by Parity (Aura), and are there scenarios that favor one over the ...
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