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ASIC-resistance means that there will be no significant speedup by implementing the algorithm in an ASIC, as compared to a CPU based implementation.

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Why does ASIC-resistance in PoW decrease miner concentration

I seem to read this argument all the time - for example here or here - that GPUs are more general interest, so consumers are more likely to have them, and so, because there's one less filter ...
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ASICs versus GPUs in Ethereum mining?

Is there any way to assess the number of blocks being mined in Ethereum by ASICs versus the number of blocks being mined by GPUs percentage-wise? Karim Helmy designed away to estimate the type of ASIC ...
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Parity Chain Spec - Require More GPU RAM?

Is there any setting on a Parity chain spec file that would allow the chain to require more than 1GB RAM to start? or to change the rate of increase per epoch? This would make a private blockchain ...
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How will an Antminer F3 even work?

So, there is this rumor about a massive 72GB of ram "ASIC" miner coming up from bitmain specifically to mine Ethereum. I knew that Ethereum is ASIC resistant, so how would this potential miner even ...
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Ethash vs Equihash in terms of memory hardness?

Ethereum's Ethash was designed to be memory hard with the intention of making the mining process ASIC-resistant. Zcash's Equihash algorithm also promises the same. How do these two PoW systems compare ...
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