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Transaction gets reverted when using send web3 function in angular

I am using [email protected] to access my ganache blockchain through localhost. I am new to dapp development and I'm trying to call a function that updates the ganache blockchain through web3 in angular. I ...
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Web3.js with Angular not working

I can't get web3.js to work with Angular. I got the exact same problem as the person here. I used method 2 from the answer on that question, and it seems to work as it now compiles, but I'm getting ...
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Error while importing Libp2p package in blockchain

I have installed some js-libp2p's packages on my Ethereum Blockchain-ipfs project and I wrote some codes like below. const TCP = require('libp2p-tcp'); const MulticastDNS = require('libp2p-mdns'); ...
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how to upload file into ipfs from node js without uploading files into node js server [closed]

I need to upload multiple files into ipfs from node js. Flow: file(html,angularJS) --> node.js --> IPFS --> ipfs hash save into DB. I have sent a file from HTML(angularJS) and I got the ...
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