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How to find total value in ETH of all NFTs owned by a user

I am aware that we could find all the NFTs owned by a user using alchemy’s NFTs API. However, I was wondering if there was a way to them compute the value of that particular users portfolio.
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How Can I get both Incoming and Outgoing transactions from "getAssetTransfers" inside one request?

I'm working with alchemy's SDK. And as per the Alchemy SDK documentation, it says we can get all the transactions like this: const config = { apiKey: "<-- ALCHEMY APP API KEY -->", ...
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1 answer

Not able to send transaction using alchemy sdk

Hey i have to build a ERC20 contract and using alchemy sdk to send transactions onchain For eg mint or burn tokens. But i am not able to send a transaction as its showing an error of cannot estimate ...
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1 answer

Fetching all ERC1155 tokens of a smart contract ( The smart contract is not the minter )

In my project, I encountered a situation where I needed to fetch the ERC1155 tokens that a specific smart contract owns ( Assuming that I have already transferred a bunch of ERC155 tokens to it from ...
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3 answers

Getting NFTs of an address in a specific collection

I am using Alchemy API to handle fetching NFTs and their metadata in my platform. It has valuable methods, such as retrieving all issued NFTs of a collection or all owned NFTs of an address within a ...
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1 answer

Deploying to mainnet exceeds block gas limit

I made my first contract tested on Goerli, and everything appears to work fine. I've deployed to Goerli testnet without issue using no where close to the gas limit I set, however, deploying to Mainnet,...
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2 answers

Retrying after error: 429: Your app has exceeded its concurrent requests capacity - fetching NFTs

I was fetching NFTs from certain contract for connected wallet using alchemy-sdk, and it was working fine, NFTs were retrieved and displayed on the frontend app. But unfortunately this solution ...