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Low-level function call to other contract is causing revert with correct function selector

I have 2 contracts, FloorInfo and Elevator. I want to call the goTo(uint) in the Elevator contract from the FloorInfo contract using a low-level call, this happens in the go() function inside the ...
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Using .call to send funds to Smart Contract Wallet account

I have the following function in my smart contract which fails to send funds to a Smart Contract Wallet (SCW). It works fine with standard accounts. I explicitly set gas to 0 because this is an ...
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How to transfer USDT with .call

I need to transfer USDT Token (Not ETH) using .call with solidity. ¿Some idea? Thanks.
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3k views{}(abi.encodeWithSignature()) in solidity returns boolean and what other parameters?

I learned from this documentation and this discussion How to use{}() in solidity about abi.encodeWithSignature() . I have question ...
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address.transfer() fails, while{}() works fine in reentrancy attack. Why?

I was trying to learn reentrancy attacks and how to save the contracts against them. I previously user address.transfer() to withdraw the amount, but the function reverted when performing the attack. ...
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Why is the function failing?

Im trying to run the following solidity-by-example on remix: // SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT pragma solidity ^0.8.10; contract Payable { // Payable address can receive Ether address payable public ...
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What is returned from{value: amount}("");?

I am working through some sample contracts online and ran across the lines below: (bool sent, ) ={value: amount}(""); require(sent, "Failed to send ETH."); I ...
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How to set the receiver of ETH in a contract to send ETH from one address to another with solidity usign call() in remix IDE

I'm starting to learn solidity, and I'm trying to build a sendEther contract where some address sends an amount of ether to another address. I'm building it on remix, and I'm having trouble while ...
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How to transfer ether within contracts?

When I use the{value: amt}(""); code, it works fine to transfer ether to EOA account but comes back false if its sent to contract. Why is that?
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"Error: Provider not set or invalid" When accessing contract methods

I have write a contract and deployed it through remix-ethereum IDE. That process goes alright. While accessing functions of contract through web3 in javascript I get following error Error: Provider ...
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Calling a function of a deployed smartcontract by my smartcontract fails, while calling it using with the same bytedata succeeds

I want to call a function of an external smartcontract using my smartcontract. I wrote the following solidity code: contract main { address public toCall = theAddressToCall; function ...
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Transfer ether between two addressrd using call

I have this code: function regAgent(uint[] memory _preferences) notOwner onlyBeforeEnd public { require(msg.sender.balance - fee >= 0, "You can't pay the fee."); require(!...
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setting value using doesn't works

I am trying to run a setter function (testCallBar) in Caller contract which should run setVal() of Receiver contract using call method. But it does not works. testCallFoo() works as expected but ...
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