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Whats the difference between .call.value() and .call.value()()

contract Test { function Test(){;; } } Whats the difference here between the first and second call? My hunch is the 1st ...
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Call contract and send value from Solidity

I have a pre-deployed contractA with known ABI. I would like to call function func1(string,string) in the contractA (and pass the arguments) from a new contractB and send some value at the same time. ...
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How to call a library contract

library ECVerify is deployed on 0x3bbb367afe5075e0461f535d6ed2a640822edb1c on the Ropsten test net. How do I call function ecverify(bytes32 hash, bytes sig, address signer) returns (bool) {} in that ...
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How can a deployed contract call another deployed contract by _interface_ and address?

There is a nice article about writing upgradable Solidity code article about writing upgradable Solidity code The question is however (ref the article) if ITokenLedger is intentionally "contract" and ...
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how to import an already deployed contract into my contract [duplicate]

I have two smart contracts, the first which i intend to deploy first then after a couple of days the other will follow. my issue is how to import this contract i have already deployed and use its ...
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How to call a function from an already deployed contract?

I tried to use the function "Call", as described here: Calling function from deployed contract But seems it is not working at all. How can I call a function from an existing deployed smart contract? ...
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Calling deployed contract with calldata and without interface

I want to call the Seaport contract (SeaportContract), more precisely the fulfillBasicOrder function but I have some problems. First I know that in order to call another function contract we need to ...
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Is it possible to implement the essence of smart-contract into another one before deploying the first one?

My question means for example that the primary contract stores names of secondary contracts, for example like this: mapping (address => string) secondaryContractNames; I know we can in the ...
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How do I watch Events from multiple contracts

I wrote a script that is able to read events from one contract address and then paste it into a .csv. Now I would like to extend that script listening watching/reading the same event of several ...
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How to call a function from deployed contract to another contract? [duplicate]

I created a basic ERC20 token contract and deployed in rinkeby testnet and I got the contract address now I want to call transfer() function from this deployed contract to another contract without ...
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Can i use a contract which is deployed

I just have a question in my mind. can I use the contracts which are already deployed so that I can use them without even myself have to deploy it again. For example, take SafeMath I think I would ...
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Calling a function in external contract: "type bool is not implicitly convertible to uint256"

I have an ERC20 token contract (say at address 0x0a6ebb3690b7983e470D3aBFB86636cf64925B98) with the totalSupply() function: function totalSupply() constant returns (uint256) { return ...
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