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Retrieve Uniswap tx data in my solidity smart contract

As the title says, I have my Solidity smart contract and I am trying to import in ti some public data from the Uniswap contract. In particular I would like to have the tx data stored in my contract (...
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How to get "dna" from the metadata file of a ERC721 token in Solidity

here is the context, I would like to be able to burn n ERC721 token based on the "dna" and the attributes "type" in the metadata (see below): { "dna": "602472F&...
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How to pass NFT property value to smart contract

I have an NFT staking contract that issues rewards based on the property rarity of the NFT staked. The four property tiers are 1,2,3 and 4. When a user clicks stakeNFT(tokenId, nftTier), I use the ...
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Smart Contracts and BigchainDB

How can I access data stored in blockchain database like BigchainDB using a smart contract in Ethereum?
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