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Comparison of the different TestNets

The Metamask wallet allows access to four test networks: Ropsten Kovan Rinkeby Goerli I'm curious: What are the similarities/differences between them? Which use cases are best for each network Are ...
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Ropsten testnet is under kind of attack? What can we do?

For the last approximately 24 hours, Ropsten testnet is under an attack in my opinion. The gas limit is raised to 200m and the attacker was proposing blocks with more than 4,000 internal txs ...
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How to get ether on public testnet?

I am a newbee to Ethereum and doing some research. I have installed the Ethereum Wallet app and synchronized the testnet. However, to deploy my first contract in testnet, it requires some Ether, so ...
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What prevents the market from assigning value to testnet ETH?

If enough people mine testnet ETH for testing purposes, difficulty will rise along with the cost of generating testnet coins. In some a circumstance why would the value of testnet coins not rise based ...
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How to get testnet ether? I watched this video and followed it. But my account test ether is zero. I used site too. But test ether is zero.
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Can't get ether from Rinkeby testnet faucet [duplicate]

I'm a new user trying out the Rinkeby testnet. I followed the procedure in this youtube video. But I can't get ether. This page says "Invalid User... boom!" I've contacted GitHub. They suspect that ...
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Free Goerli testETH? Why is there a Goerli faucet shortage [duplicate]

Anyone else struggling to get Goerli Ethereum? Feel free to use Alchemy's free goerli faucet - You can use this faucet to get more testETH every day. We created it because we ...
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Has Morden issues? [duplicate]

according to, the last block has been mined more than 12 hours ago, whereas before more than one were mined per minute. Has the difficulty changed so much ? Or has the ...
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Where can Developers get Sepolia Testnet ETH? [duplicate]

Where can web3 developers get free Sepolia Testnet ETH to use in their development process?
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How to get Görli test ETH? [duplicate]

I want to do some "buy tests" on OpenSea testnet, and it turns out that I need some ETH on the "mumbai" testnet of Polygon!! The official Polygon Faucet doesn't provide testnet ETH,...
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Using Goerly Testnet for development requires 0.001eth in wallet [duplicate]

Using Goerly Testnet for development requires 0.001eth already existing in the wallet. I tried alchemy's and quicknode's sites but same requirement. Which faucet should i use for my first O.OO1 eth ...
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Not receiving wei from Morden faucet

I am new to Ethereum. I tried getting some wei from the faucets referenced here, in particular, from zerogox and It says on these websites that I have been sent wei (see e.g., ...
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Need Fake ETH (Goerli Testnet) [duplicate]

Hi can someone give me fake ETH (Goerli Tesnet). I am a university student, and I don't have 0.001 ETH (a requirement to receive fake ETH from GOERLY FAUCET website). My Goerli Testnet address is ...
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What faucets are available after the merge? [duplicate]

After the merge several test networks were deprecated. Which Ethereum testnet will be supported after the merge (Paris/Bellatrix)?. Since then goerli has been the favorite and that caused network ...
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can someone please send some test ether [duplicate]

can someone please send some test ether.i have been trying last 2 weeks but somehow mining not working on testnet. thanks dsyed 0xB8017ed5b72fA08605EBF39Ee6433DD559c02f68
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