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Ropsten testnet is under kind of attack? What can we do?

For the last approximately 24 hours, Ropsten testnet is under an attack in my opinion. The gas limit is raised to 200m and the attacker was proposing blocks with more than 4,000 internal txs ...
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How to get testnet ether? I watched this video and followed it. But my account test ether is zero. I used site too. But test ether is zero.
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What prevents the market from assigning value to testnet ETH?

If enough people mine testnet ETH for testing purposes, difficulty will rise along with the cost of generating testnet coins. In some a circumstance why would the value of testnet coins not rise based ...
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Not receiving wei from Morden faucet

I am new to Ethereum. I tried getting some wei from the faucets referenced here, in particular, from zerogox and It says on these websites that I have been sent wei (see e.g., ...
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Hi guys i hope to get some help 🙏🏻 i am a begineer and i need some testnet ETH please some help

Eth need abehri ayoub please some help
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Problem getting any test ether from rinkeby or ropsten [duplicate]

Could someone please send me some test ether Mywallet address is 0xc7Cf32F77ad5CE20871Be32F1f9A9f05a980cA0f Thank you in advance
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