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Hi guys i am working on my final year project on blockchain tecnology using etherium i havent benn able to get free ethers please help [duplicate]

I have tried every means to get some free testnet ether for my etheerium blockchain final year project for testing please guys help me with some testnet ether ...
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127 views faucet keeps returning Invalid User...Boom. I need testnet ether. Please [duplicate]

My Address is 0x6dcade1808756840da3d5ce49182d80517895f67 I have tried over and over with faucet through gist.github. The faucet keeps on saying "invalid user, boom". I would like to test ...
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How to get Ropsten Revival testnet eth without mining [duplicate]

I've synchronized my testnet node to Ropsten Revival tesntet as shown here: However, I have no testnet eth to play with it. I tried mining, but no lack. Is there ...
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need some amount of ether for getting the fake ether from alchemy [duplicate]

actually i was trying to get the goerliETH on Goerli test network. when i visited Alchemy( for same, it is asking for to have some amount of ETH in mainnet account i.e. ...
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hey i am trying to add some test ether to my metamask [duplicate]

this error 'insufficient funds for gas*price+value iam using Goerli network and the wallet is metamask
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Cant get any ETH for testing from any Test Network [duplicate]

I have tried my hands on every Test Network for getting ETH but to no avail. Can someone please suggest where can I get ETH for testing my smart contract. Thanks.
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Getting test eth [duplicate]

I opened metamask Connected to Rinkeby test network Copied address Tweeted the address Copied link to tweet Posted the link to Requested ETH and my name appeared in the list ...
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I am trying to deploy a contract on ETH Testnet and have been unable to get test ETher. Can anyone assist me on how to get test Ether? I've tried Goerli facucet and Metamask Faucet, all to no avail
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Where can I get Goerli Test Ether? Can someone provide me with some? Thank you very much! [duplicate]

My address is: 0xDA866378188C6C455C6f624353cF5d3475484e4e Thank you very much!
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add faucet to metamask failed [duplicate]

I am using meta mask for the second time and I wanted to add some test ethers in my meta mask from test ether faucet in order to deploy my own smart contract implemented using remix. Unfortunately, ...
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Broken Rinkeby Faucet, tried both platforms 4 times - anyone have any spare Rinkeby ETH? [duplicate]

Any help appreciated, I'll keep trying otherwise. 0xd1e037B287d7193ccb7B39584B380be28aD69fe6
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Hi, please help I need Sepolia Eth and the faucets scams/down/refusing signup [duplicate]

OK, I don't trust Google a lot on my system, and this is a personal preference related to persistent cookies that track my buying habits, and I like buying lots of stuff, so no to the data collectors. ...
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Request testnet ETH and LINK tokens for the Sepolia testnet [duplicate]

I am trying to get a sepolia test link from, I have inserted my wallet address, I have selected the Request type (0.1Eth), I have verified that i am human; But the send request ...
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Comparison of the different TestNets

The Metamask wallet allows access to four test networks: Ropsten Kovan Rinkeby Goerli I'm curious: What are the similarities/differences between them? Which use cases are best for each network Are ...
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How to get ether on public testnet?

I am a newbee to Ethereum and doing some research. I have installed the Ethereum Wallet app and synchronized the testnet. However, to deploy my first contract in testnet, it requires some Ether, so ...
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