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Can't get ether from Rinkeby testnet faucet [duplicate]

I'm a new user trying out the Rinkeby testnet. I followed the procedure in this youtube video. But I can't get ether. This page says "Invalid User... boom!" I've contacted GitHub. They suspect that ...
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Please send me some faucet ETH of ropsten network [duplicate]

My adress of metamask wallet is 0x7E279990b12980d37C87abF402f1356b1Dc6F05f Please soem one can provide me some ETH faucets to test my application?
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Where can Developers get Sepolia Testnet ETH? [duplicate]

Where can web3 developers get free Sepolia Testnet ETH to use in their development process?
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Free Goerli testETH? Why is there a Goerli faucet shortage [duplicate]

Anyone else struggling to get Goerli Ethereum? Feel free to use Alchemy's free goerli faucet - You can use this faucet to get more testETH every day. We created it because we ...
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How to get Görli test ETH? [duplicate]

I want to do some "buy tests" on OpenSea testnet, and it turns out that I need some ETH on the "mumbai" testnet of Polygon!! The official Polygon Faucet doesn't provide testnet ETH,...
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Need Fake ETH (Goerli Testnet) [duplicate]

Hi can someone give me fake ETH (Goerli Tesnet). I am a university student, and I don't have 0.001 ETH (a requirement to receive fake ETH from GOERLY FAUCET website). My Goerli Testnet address is ...
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Using Goerly Testnet for development requires 0.001eth in wallet [duplicate]

Using Goerly Testnet for development requires 0.001eth already existing in the wallet. I tried alchemy's and quicknode's sites but same requirement. Which faucet should i use for my first O.OO1 eth ...
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can someone please send some test ether [duplicate]

can someone please send some test ether.i have been trying last 2 weeks but somehow mining not working on testnet. thanks dsyed 0xB8017ed5b72fA08605EBF39Ee6433DD559c02f68
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Get some eth on testnet ethereum waller [duplicate]

Hello iam newbee in blockchain, i install ethereum wallet on my windows and create wallet in testnet network. Can i somehow get some eth for free for testing contract? I trying to mining but its not ...
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Where to get testnet Eth? [duplicate]

Where do you get testnet Eth now that Ethereum has moved to POS? All the faucets I used to use no longer work.
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i cant find rinkeby even after turning on test net on metamask, who else is having this issue? [duplicate]

I can't find Rinkeby even after turning on the testnet on Metamask. Who else is having this issue?
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Has Morden issues? [duplicate]

according to, the last block has been mined more than 12 hours ago, whereas before more than one were mined per minute. Has the difficulty changed so much ? Or has the ...
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What faucets are available after the merge? [duplicate]

After the merge several test networks were deprecated. Which Ethereum testnet will be supported after the merge (Paris/Bellatrix)?. Since then goerli has been the favorite and that caused network ...
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Hi guys i am working on my final year project on blockchain tecnology using etherium i havent benn able to get free ethers please help [duplicate]

I have tried every means to get some free testnet ether for my etheerium blockchain final year project for testing please guys help me with some testnet ether ...
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Goerli ETH - Where get funds [duplicate]

I'm doing my computer engineering final degree work on Ethereum development. I am having a lot of problems to get GoerliETH, how do you guys get funding from testnets to develop your projects? If ...
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