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How to send ether on Ethereum main net avoiding all middle men

Is there a way to send ether from my address to another address on ethereum main net without using any intermediary tools or services. That is, I don't want to use third party wallets or web sites or ...
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How does a new node register in the network? [duplicate]

I am just trying to get into the topic of Etherium and Blockchain and currently I do not understand the following. Etherium network is decentralized p2p network. But if I start a node, the network ...
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Why eth nodes found in ethernodes drop so much?

I have just visited ethernodes (a website that records eth nodes)and found the nodes it found has drop to 3990 while this number is 10K about 2months ago.What happen?Is it true that Ethereum nodes are ...
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How different clients, with different implementations communicates through the network?

sorry for the dumb question, but i'm wondering how different Ethereum clients, like for example Trinity, Geth, or Parity, written in different languages, communicates over the network. I did not found ...
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How does node discovery works? [duplicate]

I have customized the go-ethereum code a bit, compiled and running on 3 nodes (1 miner 1 bootnode 1 fullnode) in my private-net. I just wondered that why should I initialize genesis.json on each node? ...
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Ethereum node discovery [duplicate]

How do the nodes of Ethereum discover each other? Can there be a risk of centralisation or control over the discovery protocol or bootstrap nodes by few people in the network?
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What information do nodes exchange with each other?

From my understanding nodes are able to communicate with each other to send and receive information such as newer block info etc... I would like to understand what those informations are, and why can ...
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Discovery Protocol Broadcasting [duplicate]

I set up a private Ethereum network at home using two computers to test smart contracts and I got them to find each other by getting the enode from one and using admin.addPeer in the console of the ...
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question about the network of blockchain

Tell me please. with whom does the first interaction occur when starting the client \ wallet? I'm trying to understand how the client works. Blockchain is a decentralized system, but if it needs to ...
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Multiple Nodes Same External IP?

Can I run multiple public mainnet ethereum nodes on different machines that return the same external IP address, on internal home network. What I mean is if I hit this site,
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Ethereum selection of peer nodes and centralization

How does Ethereum select peer nodes when it starts ? I guess there should be a set of nodes hardcoded in geth that it tries to connect to and then gets list of other nodes from them. How many of those ...
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At any given time, how many nodes is my node connected to? As the number of nodes in the network increases, will communication between them be faster?

I have been reading through the DEVp2p documentation and cannot seem to wrap my head around some aspects of the network. Specifically, how many nodes is my node connected to? Does this number change ...
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How Ethereum nodes are searching for each other? [duplicate]

I think it's a pretty silly question, but I'm stuck. If Ethereum (or probably any other *coin) is fully decentralized, how can I find any other nodes without scanning all the network? I mean, if I ...
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Difference between full node and bootstrap nodes in Ethereum?

I know that when a new geth instance runs it connects to the bootstrap nodes. What I want to know that do other nodes download blockchain from the bootstrap nodes or nor? Bootstrap nodes are highly ...
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Automatic peer discovery in a private blockchain

Is there a way to enable automatic peer discovery in a private network. As far as I know, the only way to connect to peers while operating on a private blockchain is to add them through addPeer() ...
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