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Why is the code on a contract address different from the compiled code? [duplicate]

There seem to be clear differences between the hex that the solidity compiler spits out and the hex that is displayed by eth.getCode() after you have published the contract. for example the original ...
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How can I verify that a contract on the blockchain matches the source code?

Given the (Solidity) source code of a smart contract, is there a way to deterministically compile the code and compare it with the code on the blockchain? I want to verify that the contract does what ...
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What is the difference between bytecode, init code, deployed bytecode, creation bytecode, and runtime bytecode?

I constantly see different types of bytecode and do not know what each of them are. What are the differences between bytecode, init code, deployed bytecode, creation bytecode, and runtime bytecode?
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Deploying a smart contract with just bytecode

I have the bytecode of a contract, can I deploy it to a private network without the need of source code? Does bytecode contain the deployers signature or somehow the network id? Here is the bytecode. ...
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Difference between bytecode and runtime bytecode [duplicate]

In Remix, clicking on "details" for a contract reveals the "bytecode" and "runtime bytecode". What is the difference?
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web3.eth.getCode doesn't return the data shown on etherscan

For example, let's take contract address 0xdac17f958d2ee523a2206206994597c13d831ec7. Does anybody have an idea why the following two are totally different: The string returned from await web3.eth....
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Where is the contract bytecode stored when a contract creates a contract?

When a contract creates a contract, where's the new contract's bytecode stored? For example: This Maker contract was created by their deployment contract:
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Truffle Bytecode Different from Etherscan Bytecode

I am having difficulty verifying my contract code on Etherscan using the code generated by Truffle. Using Etherscan VerifyContract V1: Truffle produced ...
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How to get "Contract creation code" when it's not verified yet?

Is there any possibility to get the "creation bytecode" of the contract when it's not yet verified? I have a token smart contract:
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Smart Contract byte code using web3

How Could I pull out smart contract bytecode using web3 and contract address?
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Truffle console: How to retrieve a specific opcode from a smart contract? and contract's name also

I am working on Truffle console using commands like:(i.e. web3.js, if I am not wrong) module.exports = async function(callback) { try { // Fetch accounts from wallet - these are unlocked const ...
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