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How upgradeable smart contracts work? Is it possible to deploy a contract at a self-chosen address? [duplicate]

Is it possible to deploy a contract on the blockchain at a self-chosen address? When deploying a contract by sending contract code to the address null, the contract is created at a "random" address ...
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How are addresses generated for Smart Contracts? [duplicate]

How does ethereum generate Smart Contract addresses? It is any different from Ethereum generating addresses for accounts, (which uses rightmost 160 bits of the keccak256(Elliptic curve pub key) - ...
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Calculating the address for a soon-to-be-deployed contract [duplicate]

How is it possible to calculate the address for a soon-to-be-deployed contract? Does anyone know?
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How to compute the Contract Address from the Transaction Hash? [duplicate]

I am aware that different versions of this question were asked but my interest is specifically working out the contract address following dynamic deployment in a UI using web3 or something similar. I ...
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Do EVM contract addresses follow an order? [duplicate]

I've noticed that if I deploy the same contract on Optimism, Arbitrum, and Polygon, they will all share the same contract address. Also, if I then deploy 3 contracts on Optimism, wait a bit, and then ...
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Predict a contract's deployment address [duplicate]

I have read it was possible to predict the address of a contract before deploying it. Do you know how can this be possible ? What happens if we send some Ether to this address before deploying the ...
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How did two tokens deploy with same address across networks? [duplicate]

A few months ago I deployed a test ERC20 token, called 2BC, to the Ethereum Kovan testnet. This token can be found here: ...
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How is smart contract's hash I'd is made? Is it a random string assigned to a smart contract? [duplicate]

How is this contract I'd or hash or whatever is made? For example This is my smart contract "0xBa5C1c9823733d93d05593e3962fa0b8948675D1", is this " 0xBa... " a hash of the code or ...
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Do contracts also have a nonce?

Do contracts also have a nonce and if so how is it calculated? Usual accounts have a nonce that is increased with every transaction. However, contracts can't make transactions, they can only make ...
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What is address(this) in solidity?

As per my understanding contract`s own address is the address which we assign to owner of contract using msg.sender. But I saw this question on SE where it was described that a contract can access its ...
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How to find contract's address?

I successfully setup a private blockchain and created the "hello world" contract according to tutorial from etherium web site. One thing that I can't figure out is how to find the contract later. I ...
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How to deploy smart contract in predefined contract address in private ethereum network?

Is there any method to deploy our smart contract in a particular address (ie. predefined contract address) in private ethereum network? Yes, I have built my own private blockchain based on Ethereum ...
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Is address(this) a valid address in a contract's constructor?

When does a smart contract's address first become valid? Is the address during the execution of the contract, or only after it's been fully instantiated and initialized? In other words, is a contract'...
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How to generate a vanity address for a smart contract to be deployed on?

I am aware of the possibility to generate vanity addresses for normal accounts. However, how is possible to generate vanity addresses for external owned accounts (which host smart contracts)? I'm ...
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Why was RLP chosen as the low level protocol encoding algorithm?

Is this an ad-hoc decision? Why RLP? Is it specifically suited to something?
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