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Finding and Using Solidity Libraries (ie. Math functions)

How do I find and use any existing Solidity libraries like you might in Javascript? For example, Math functions: How do I implement the equivalent of Math.sqrt(x) in a solidity function? Related: ...
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How connect library to smart contract from external resources?

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Ethereum linking library with contract not working as accepted...returning any state variable returns just the default value

my library pragma solidity ^0.5.8; library SafeMath { function add(uint256 a,uint256 b) public pure returns (uint256) { return a+b; } } My contract pragma solidity ^0.5.8; import ...
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what does `` exactly do in `truffle`

Please explain use cases for function in migrations in truffle framework. How would you use it and for what.
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Trying to understand libraries

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How to call a library contract

library ECVerify is deployed on 0x3bbb367afe5075e0461f535d6ed2a640822edb1c on the Ropsten test net. How do I call function ecverify(bytes32 hash, bytes sig, address signer) returns (bool) {} in that ...
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How to link libraries in browser-solidity? [duplicate]

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Is it possible to link contracts to existing libraries from within geth console?

I've been making and deploying contracts and libraries, deploying libraries first and then using the binary output from e.g. $ solc --bin-runtime test.sol --libraries TestLib:...
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How to deploy contract into local running node using solidity browser?

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How should we set a import path in solidity?

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