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How to detect if a transaction failed before Byzantium fork [duplicate]

In short: I'd love to understand how to detect if a transaction failed before the Byzantium fork. Explanation: After the Byzantium fork it's easy to understand if a transaction failed or not, I just ...
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How to delete or reset the blockchain in geth? (OSX)

I have a currupt Blockchain and want to hard reset the chain. what do I need to delete in order to start downloading the chain from scratch? I know that there are 2 ethereum folders (I am on OSX): $...
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Transaction Status

A very elementary question, how do I get a transaction status after firing the transaction? I mean suppose I do a sendTransaction where I transfer some amount of ether from 1 account to other, how can ...
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How do I detect a failed transaction after the Byzantium fork as the REVERT opcode does not consume all gas?

Pre Byzantium fork, I could use gas == gasUsed to detect when a transaction has failed (further details in How can the transaction status from a thrown error be detected when gas can be exactly the ...
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How to know if a transaction went through or not? (out of gas)

Apparently when sending transactions from an Account instead of a Wallet, the gas spent is small (21K), and not enough to send ether to a Contract Wallet (out of gas, so to speak). When this happens, ...
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How do I know when I've run out of gas programmatically?

This keeps coming up on the gitter forums so I thought I'd ask and answer this question: How do you know when you've run out of gas?
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What is the exact meaning of a transaction's new receipt 'status' field?

In this answer ( it seems to say that the status field will always be '1' unless the transaction failed, in which case it will be '0'. In the summary ...
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How to use web3 to send money from wallet A to wallet B?

var myContract = web3.eth.contract(abi); var address = contract address; var contract_data =; var sender = '0xd3aaa525c087978133abb517593ea334f16abd1f'; var receiver = '...
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Is it possible to call debug_traceTransaction from nodejs?

Following answer ( [ 1 ] guide us to call debug_trace through using geth: As documented in debug.traceTransaction(...), you can only access this API ...
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Token transfer: Intrinsic gas too low

I have created a cryptocurrency by following this link .I have deployed the contract in Mist. I am using transferFrom() function in Ethereum wallet to transfer currency from one account to other but ...
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How does a fallback function rejecting ether work?

A contract in Solidity can have a fallback function like: // This contract rejects any Ether sent to it. It is good // practise to include such a function for every contract // in order not to loose ...
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How can I verify that token balance (not ether balance) sent in a transaction were indeed transferred successfully?

In a transaction in which some token (e.g. DGD, DAO) balance is transferred, there is no need to verify that the address has enough tokens before sending the transaction. But if the sender doesn't ...
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How to increase gas supply while making a transaction call?

I am using a private chain for deploying contracts. I came to a problem that when I call one of my functions in contract, it runs out of gas and function could not get executed. Any suggestions on how ...
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Checking if transaction failed over RPC

I call a contract over geth RPC using sendTransaction and get a transaction hash. Is there a way to verify over the geth RPC interface if this transaction failed due to a VM abort (Solidity throw ...
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Why doesn't the Ethereum protocol have an indicator for a transaction that failed?

Why doesn't the Ethereum protocol have a clear indicator for a transaction that is reverted? There's a heuristic here as well as a workaround using Geth. But there are probably ways that the ...
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