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How is the amount of gas required by an op code determined? [duplicate]

Is this proportional to time required to process? Is a high gas transaction more expensive for the miner to include in a block and does it add more to blockchain size than a low gas transaction?
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Is there a table of EVM instructions and their gas costs?

The EVM instructions are in the yellow paper, or they are summed up in this answer. But their gas costs are not there. Where can I find a list of all instructions with their associated gas costs?
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How much does it cost to use a contract?

Still new to ethereum and would like to know the price for a contract.
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Gas cost of different computations [duplicate]

Is there somewhere a list showing the different cost of different calculations?For example: Perform transaction: 21'000 gas calculate a hash: 30 gas addition of two numbers: 3 gas cycle in a loop: 1 ...
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How much does it cost to store each IPFS hash in Ethereum blockchain

I've looked in some of the resource on calculating the Gas costs like this spreadsheet I found on this thread. But the spreadsheet only have computations gas costs but not storing of hashing. I'm a ...
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Why is my Greeter contract not mined on --testnet?

I'm working on the contracts tutorial. Here's the code (including contract): var greeterSource = 'contract mortal { address owner; function mortal() { owner = msg.sender; } function kill() { if (msg....
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Where exactly do DApps run? Who gets rewarded for running them? [duplicate]

So I am currently running a full node, as well as a GPU miner. I am curious first of all where do DApps get run? They wouldn't make sense to run on a GPU as they aren't very parallizable, so I am ...
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EVM opcodes-prices

1) Why are opcodes in Ethereum priced the way they are priced and why is the EVM so expensive? 2) Right upfront, I do not say that it is too expensive to perform a tx on Ethereum, I just say that ...
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GAS price structure

how to decide gas price while writing smart contract ? and how to know how much gas is going to be used while each token transaction ? and on mentioned price is ...
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Why is gas needed when fees can be derived intrinsically?

If fees are derived based on the equation (startGas - remainingGas) * gasPrice, why is gas even needed to be specified for a transaction? The intrinsic gas can be derived from the contract itself, ...
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Fixed amount of Gas required for ether transfer

why required gas for ether transfer fixed to 21000wei ?how they calculate the gas limit?could someone explain all computational steps involved during transfer ether from one account to another?
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