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What will the ETH inflation rate be after PoS is released? [duplicate]

Has the Proof of Stake emission schedule been decided yet? What will be the rate of inflation? Is 2017 for the end of PoW still the best estimate?
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What is the set number of Ether in existence during POW and then POS? [duplicate]

How many Ether exist during POW and then POS? Is it unlimited inflation?
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How many ethers will ever exist? [duplicate]

What is the total number of ethers that will be generated/mined? See
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Is Ethereum capped like Bitcoin? [duplicate]

Bitcoin is capped at 21,000,000 BTC. I cannot find any definitive answer on whether Ethereum is capped in the same way, or whether it can continue to release currency into the ecosystem indefinitely. ...
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What is the expected Ether issuance schedule after transition to PoS? [duplicate]

Is there anywhere I can read the latest Ether issuance schedule plan? I understand what it is now (5 eth / block plus uncle rewards), but what will it be after proof of stake? I've read conflicting ...
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Where to check total circulation of ETH, creation of ETH and supply of ETH? [duplicate]

Where can I check stats on how many ETH will there be created (what is the limit), how it will reduce in its creation, what are the caps (if any). I understand that there isn't limited amount like in ...
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If the supply of Ether is finite, are there any mechanisms to deter hoarding?

The supply of bitcoin is capped at 21 million. The supply of Ether is similarly capped at ~90 million. If we are to assume that Ethereum will become more popular as time progresses, and if we also ...
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Can Ethereum be created out of thin air like US Dollars can?

Is Ethereum like another very common crypto-currency that has a theoretical maximum number of available coins? From what I can tell Ethereum is more like dollars or shares of stock in a company as ...
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Eth 2.0 Will Pay 5% Staking Rewards - Is ETH really deflationary?

I am struggling to understand a key concept of the new Ethereum. I understand that some ETH rewards are burnt, but clearly the 5% rewards need to be created first and they are given to stakers as ...
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How are Ethereum's transactions fees and issuance rate connected, if at all?

I keep hearing that one of the big advantages of moving to proof of stake is that transactions fees will be reduced. I also hear that Ethereum's issuance rate will decrease after the move to proof of ...
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