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Account is locked. How to unlock it using json-rpc? [duplicate]

When trying to send a transaction through json-rpc interface on a geth node (version 1.4.10-stable-5f55d95a, running on testnet) using eth_sendTransaction I got this error message: -32000 [message] ...
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How to unlock account from web3? [duplicate]

How to unlock account from web3? How to enable ipcapi from geth javascript console?
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Error: account unlock with HTTP access is forbidden when unlock an account in Geth console

personal.unlockAccount(eth.accounts[0],"") Error: account unlock with HTTP access is forbidden I run Geth in a Docker container and use docker exec -it bootstrap geth --datadir=~/.ethereum/...
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Truffle migrate Could not connect to your Ethereum client

Issue: I fail to migrate(connect) a ethereum private chain on cloud server. Actual Results Will:dragon zhuangweiming$ truffle migrate --network development Using network 'development'. Running ...
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Is it faster to use "geth --unlock" than "personal.unlockAccount"?

I have a script that I run with geth attach, and then I use: primary = eth.accounts[0]; personal.unlockAccount(primary, "password"); like I saw in the example script. Doing this in geth usually ...
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How to connect Ethereum RPC Client to a remote server?

I have Ethereum node running the JSON RPC server on this IP example . Then I want to use a client to push some data. I see this library to make the client. But I can't connect to my ...
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Rookie: How do I list accounts I've created

I am new to Etherium, using Ubuntu CLI ,I was wondering how to properly manage accounts. I am trying to simply list the accounts I've created using the following syntax: geth account list Found at ...
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Smart contract on a private Ethereum Blockchain - Workflow & questions

I am trying to build a small app that would rely on a private Ethereum Blockchain. I am relatively new to this and am still having a few questions about the whole process. I will try to be as clear as ...
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Why are these transactions not broadcast in my private network?

There are 3 nodes in my development environment. I use eth.sendTransaction to post some transactions ,and it seems that the transactions are not broadcast to other nodes. JSON-RPC Request is : {"...
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Using Coinbase ETH Wallet to save contracts/send transactions with web3

I am working on a node app where I am using web3, Infura & truffle-hdwallet-provider & a new MetaMask wallet. This process appears to work & I can successfully deploy contracts! I want to ...
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web3.eth.getAccounts() yields an empty array

I first started geth:  geth --syncmode "light" --rpc --rpcaddr --rpccorsdomain "*" --datadir ~/eth_blocks/ and then used: geth account new. I verified that there is a new entry in ~/...
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