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What is nonce in Ethereum? How does it prevent double spending?

recently I got fascinated by blockchain, and started learning Ethereum. I came across the concept of the nonce in Ethereum. After researching I found out that nonce is used for two purposes. a. To ...
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What happens when a transaction nonce is too high?

From Design Rationale: One weakness of the account paradigm is that in order to prevent replay attacks, every transaction must have a "nonce", such that the account keeps track of the nonces used ...
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Is there a way to find an account's current transaction nonce?

I need to know my transaction nonce because I am doing fancy stuff with contract addresses (which are the keccak hash of my address + my transaction nonce). Is there a way to find this through the ...
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How to send a lot of transactions to ethereum, using js

I'm trying to send a lot of transactions to Ethereum with one program written in js. I use node js, web3 and infura ropsten. The problem is: if i send transactions at once, most of them just disappear....
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Why does sendSignedTransaction return a tx hash BUT does not post to the Rinkeby network (React, Metamask, web3, infura)

I'm developing a very simple React application wherein a user clicks a button and some ether gets sent from one account to another. Currently, the onClick sendEther function crafts a proper signed ...
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Order of transactions in the same block

I am writing a Medium blog post about front-running and can't seem to find information about the order of the transactions in the same block. I have executed two trades, one with the lower fee, call ...
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Transaction having low gasPrice makes all the other transactions hang on the pending state

I have a small private network that has a proof-of-authority engine created via geth-clique using Geth Version: 1.8.3-unstable, currently there are three signer nodes and two other non-signer nodes (...
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Raw transaction nonce won't increment until confirmation

I am building transactions manually and have been able to successfully create raw transactions which can be broadcasted to the network. My problem is, that while I can get a nonce from the web3....
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About transaction higher nonce than current nonce

I'm trying to build an Ethereum exchange service, so concurrent schedule is needed and nonce management is the most problem (another topic discussed about it). At specificed moment, I have large ...
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getting error nonce too low , but nonce is proper stuck since one day

I am working with web3.js since sometime now , but now i am stuck with nonce too low error , the nonce is proper also i have checked private key and other addresses , they also seem to proper , ...
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How to process Smart Contracts payable functions in batch?

I am aware that metamask will enable effective security for processing via the web browser a payable function action to a smart contract. What happens in batch? I have an API service which then ...
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Why is eth_getTransactionCount nonce incorrect under load?

I'm calling eth_getTransactionCount via JSON RPC, and taking that value and trying to use it as nonce for a RawTransaction to send ETH. I'm running this against a ganache server. This happens in a ...
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Multiple Transactions From Same Address With Same Details

I am running a local Ethereum node which takes a perceivable amount of time to mine blocks. I am trying to develop a bullet-proof way of dynamically calling transactional methods on an Ethereum smart ...
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Is the transaction nonce strictly sequential? [duplicate]

Do we have to keep track of the nonce/transaction status, if I am creating a couple of quick/parallel transactions. ie Could we skip a number when creating a raw transaction, if the previous one is ...
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the tx doesn't have the correct nonce. account has nonce of: 12 tx has nonce of: 3 - Ganache

I am trying to run my simple contract with different parameters (in the form of encoded signatures) and intends to put multiple transaction into ONE block. If I set Ganache GUI with automine option, ...
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