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Is it possible to hack an ethereum account? [duplicate]

I want to know if is it possible to hack an Ethereum account?
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How to call a contract method using the eth_call JSON-RPC API

Ok, so I'm trying to call a contract method using the methods provided by the Ethereum JSON RPC interface. The JSON RPC is running on an Ubuntu machine. Unfortunately, I can't really get a result back ...
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What are ipc and rpc?

The question is quite simple , I have only basic Idea of RPC but none of IPC. AFAIK, if I connect to ethereum node via ipc then the my geth should be running on same machine. and If I connect via ...
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How can I reverse or cancel a transaction or recover lost ethers?

Transactions (using a smart contract like a token or sending ether), by design, are immutable on the blockchain. What methods can be used to (more or less) unilaterally reverse a transaction made by ...
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Do I have to unlock my account in geth to call a web3.eth.sign() in JavaScript?

I have: A geth account Access to web3 API I want to: Invoke the function, web3.eth.sign(coinbase, sha) If I put this in a javascript file sign.js, and I call node.js, will it sign my message? Or ...
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Geth stopped syncing after a while

Running geth on clean ubuntu 14.04 x64 After running geth --fast syncing stoppes on some point, like that: I0321 11:31:39.971284 core/blockchain.go:959] imported 256 block(s) (0 queued 0 ignored) ...
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Is it possible to unlock a geth wallet through JSON RPC? [duplicate]

I'm currently developing an application on top of Ethereum's JSON RPC. I would like to be able to unlock and lock the wallet as needed, similar to how Bitcoin does it. However, it seems that at the ...
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Error: account is locked. Attempting to send ether from one account to another, Local Node on Private Blockchain

What is the correct process to unlock an account? I was able to do this successfully in the geth console(see this post for more details on what I've tried Why does account show 0 balance, after ...
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How can I list The DAO proposals and vote from the command line?

Are there any command line tools to vote on The DAO proposals? I would like to: List the open proposals Check whether I have already voted on these proposals Check my voting history Vote on the ...
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How can i publish smart contracts accessible from all client

I've developed a simple smart contracts with browser solidity: pragma solidity ^0.4.9; contract demo { string public name="Pietro"; function changeName(string _newName){ name=_newName; ...
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Port requirements for a Light-Node?

For a light client (geth --light or parity --light) running the light client protocol what are the port requirements? Incoming: Does a light client expose a port where he accepts incoming ...'s user avatar
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Geth account unlocked for 2 seconds

My question relates to a older question on this stackexchange. Details Patrick used the Ethereum Wallet to transfer 1 ether to test out buying TheDAO tokens on his mining computer. When (so far it ...
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Can I access my account using some http request?

I am accessing my accounts and everything using Ethereum Wallet (Mist) but I was wondering is there any possible way to access my account using some http request?
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How to safely node.js script which uses geth, without risking external actors accessing it with --rpc?

So if I want to write a script which uses geth and web3, the first that comes to mind is starting geth with --rpc enabled. Will this risk the wallet being accessed from outside? Is there a way of ...
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Unlock account on Ethereum client, or sign every transaction sent it to Ethereum client?

I have a contract which needs to be updated occasionally. For this purpose, I set up an Ethereum client, namely, a Parity node. At this point, I see several ways of carrying out the specified task: ...
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