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I'm creating a DApp platform which allows customers to send and receive USDT (ERC-20 Token). The problem I have is that if customer want to send some Tethers out, he should have enough ETH too as the ...
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How to send Ether Using Web3 and Gas Charges are Paid from Another Address? [duplicate]

I know using this for send Ether (web3): web3.eth.sendTransaction({ from: 'Address A', to: 'Address B', value: '1000000000000000' }) .then(function(receipt){ ... }); I'm trying to ...
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Sign ERC20 transaction by wallet A and broadcast by wallet B [duplicate]

I have 2 wallets: wallet A and wallet B where wallet A holds some amount of an ERC20 token. I would like to be able to transfer some of those ERC20 tokens from wallet A to wallet B in a way that ...
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Is there a way to have a smart contract pay for its own invocation? [duplicate]

I want to introduce people to Ethereum (and clones) by way of giving them an NFT related to an event we are organising. I realise most people don't have an Ethereum (or any other EVM compatible ...
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Can contracts pay the gas instead of the message sender?

Is it possible for a contract to pay the gas costs (or part of it) that result from the contract being called? Or does the sender of a message always pay the resulting gas costs no matter what?
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How do I make my DAPP "Serenity-Proof?"

When Serenity comes around, the network will undergo many changes, some of which may have unexpected consequences on existing Smart Contracts. How can I plan so that I am best prepared to take ...
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How to send signed transaction to blockchain from different account

I have user's private key to sign a erc20-token transfer transaction in my DAPP. Now I want to send this transaction from different account so that 2nd account pay the gas fee. Is it possible through ...
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What is the best way for my Dapp users to not pay gas fees?

I'm building a React/NodeJS Dapp for people who just have an email address and nothing more (no Ethereum address (and so no gas), no MetaMask, no Eth Wallets, etc..) An address is created during the ...
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Which address is paying the gas fee? And, can the smart contract pay the gas fee by itself?

pragma solidity ^0.8.1; contract SendMoney{ uint public publicBalance; uint public lockedUntil; function receiveMoney() public payable{ publicBalance += msg.value; ...
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Gas payment of the mint of ERC20 Token

I have the follow use case: There is an off-chain service, like a game, which will generate/mint new ERC20 tokens when some requirements are met by end-users. Since the users will get profit (in terms ...
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Will people who buy my newly created erc20 Token also have to buy ETH as well?

I'm currently deciding which crypto platform to go for (Ethereum or Waves). So I'm asking this question because I just wonder if the people, who will buy my newly created token, will HAVE TO buy Ether ...
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Make transactions free of charge for the user

I involved in a project that aims to create a token for public use (non blockchain familiar users). User will have an ERC20 token, but I don't want they to have ETH to pay the gas. One obvious ...
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