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What's the correct definition of Decentralized Applications? [duplicate]

What's the correct definition of Decentralized Applications? Some, like points the two layer architecture (web/front layer and the ...
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What is Swarm and what is it used for?

What is Swarm and what is it used for? And what is Swarm's relationship with Whisper?
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What elements of a Dapp's backend are usually stored in a decentralised location?

I'm unclear as to what elements of a Dapp's backend code are actually decentralised. The following link states that a Dapp's backend is stored entirely on the blockchain. However, if I was to create ...
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Will Ethereum be the Internet 2.0?

I've been following Ethereum since it was announced and I remember that the appeal was that it was "Bitcoin 2.0". While email replaced the post and Bitcoin replaced fiat, Ethereum would replace legal ...
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Storing and passing encrypted data to another owner

I've been thinking about this situation for quite a while and I wonder if there is a way to solve this on the public Ethereum blockchain. User A stores some data on the blockchain, encrypted in some ...
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What's the difference between using Golang and writing code in Solidity to create a decentralized application?

I've been working on creating my first decentralized application, and I'm currently working on this tutorial which attempts to create a decentralized version of Twitter. I want to integrate an IPFS ...
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Can you make ajax requests in a Dapp?

Mist recently launched its Beta (0.8.0), you can call any website for getting the HTML and JS files. What happens if inside my Dapp I make a XMLHttpRequest?
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DAPPS - Scope of what to put in your smart contract

As I'm learning more and more about developing Dapps, I'm having trouble understanding what needs to be stored in the smart contract (over our database etc..). Let's take the case of a simple betting ...
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Where exactly do DApps run? Who gets rewarded for running them? [duplicate]

So I am currently running a full node, as well as a GPU miner. I am curious first of all where do DApps get run? They wouldn't make sense to run on a GPU as they aren't very parallizable, so I am ...
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Is the entire back-end to be implemented using solidity?

I'm pretty new to Ethereum platform. I went through many tutorials and I understand that smart contracts contains back-end logic (link). Most of the examples I found implemented financial contracts, ...
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What programming languages was Uniswap's open-source code written in?

Uniswap is a decentralized exchange that is actually a decentralized app where people can trade ERC-20 tokens without a middleman. Uniswap's code is open-source: Was the ...
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Who earns ETH from providing ressources allowing dApps to run?

I am trying to better understand how the ethereum network works but I didn't find a clear answer to that question yet. I understand that ETH can be "used to pay for the computations that you ask the ...
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What happens if a dapp website goes down?

Is it possible for a dapp like AAVE to remain up and running on the blockchain, but the website to fail? If that happened, how would people access their balances?
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Is an Ethereum paper wallet generator considered a dapp?

I made an Ethereum paper wallet generator. Is this considered a dapp as it can be downloaded and run without any central server to generate ethereum addresses? Or does a dapp have to be tied to a ...
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Is it possible to build an open-access DApp on a permissioned or private Blockchain?

I am wondering whether there are two independent layers. One that defines who can access and validate the blockchain and one who defines who can access the DApp. Is it e. g. possible to build an open ...
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