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Ethereum Network ID [duplicate]

Hi Stack Exchange community! In terms of public networks, what is the point of specifying different chain IDs when we could just specify a different Network ID? I am just confused as to why I would ...
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How get network ID with ethers.js?

Using web3js it is possible get network ID using the following method: // Contract ABI Load const ABISimpleStorage = require("./build/contracts/SimpleStorage.json"); // Besu Connection Web3 ...
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Geth parameter "networkid" vs. Genesis block "chainId" config?

I have set up a private Ethereum network with a custom chainId (for example 67890) specified in the config part of the genesis.json file, did geth init genesis.json, and got the private net up and ...
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What is chainID? Raw transaction from myEther wallet

So I just ran a function from a contract on Ropsten from It ran fine via metamask, but I was just wondering what chainID was in the rawTx file? { "nonce":"0x2e", "gasPrice":"...
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Error: chainId address mismatch

i'm trying to deploy a simple smart contract with node-js on a ganache-GUI but i keep getting this Error: chainId address mismatch; may chainId is the same as the networkId in the ganache app witch is ...
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Understanding serialized unsigned raw transaction

I'm currently learning about RLP (ethereum-under-the-hood-part-ii, wiki-eth-rlp) and Ethereum transaction structure, my goal is to create an unsigned raw tx and then sign it. Right now I'm playing ...
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Does transaction have network id?

According to this post, every Ethereum wallet has a number called network id. Does every transaction have this network id? If not, then it should be possible to replay transaction on multiple ...
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Go ethereum : ChainID

I install go ethereum for practice I use my blockchain. My question is what does it mean "ChainId" in genesis.json? For example if I write ChainId:1, what does it mean? Dont forget that I'm ...
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Is it possible to change the network id in GETH once geth is initialized?

I want to change the network_id of my private ethereum network setup with geth. It seems like I have to change it in genesis.json file and also have that id when I start geth. But, to apply the ...
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Can my funds be stolen by signing a defi contract in another network?

I'm starting to use metamask and I noticed that I'm able to change the network of the same address, so —after digging a little in the web— I now know that every new public address is created from the ...
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