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What is a DApp?

There are new terms in Ethereum like smart contract. What is a DApp and how is it different from smart contracts?
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What is Whisper and what is it used for?

It's admittedly a very general question, but I've heard "Whisper" mentioned in several places when reading about certain DApps. I understand it allows peer-to-peer messaging of some kind, but what ...
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What are Storj and Sia and how different are they from Swarm and IPFS

I have recently discovered some blockchain based storage technologies like Storj and Sia. I have vaguely understood that they rely on their own blockchain with their own cryptocurrency. But why are ...
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Are Whisper and Swarm still being developed?

I know that both Whisper and Swarm were is early prototype stages, with Whisper already being included in the geth client. What is the current status of these project? I know Swarm has been largely ...
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How to list all the contracts currently on the blockchain?

I know one way to interact with contracts is, in the geth interface, to use the command: eth.contract(ABI).at(Address) But for this I will need to know the ABI and address of the contract in advance....
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Storing a document with multiple large video files

What's the best way to store a document with multiple large video and CAD files on Ethereum. I am just a beginner to Ethereum. The document is a science experiment with multiple documents linked. I'd ...
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Image attached to Ethereum contract (off-chain)

What I am trying to do is make some smart contracts that I am going to sell to my clients giving them ownership of those contracts. A web service using web3 will be available to retrieve some ...
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Deploying Meteor Dapps

What are currently the best architectural and deployment options for building and deploying a Dapp built with Meteor/Web3? For building the Dapp, a few Meteor packages are currently available : "...
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Stack Exchange Structure Using Ethereum

Could one build a "Stack Exchange" like information structure or process over Ethereum? Could the "Stack Exchange" team use Ethereum to build a new and improved information learning structure? As it ...
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Syncing filled all my space, where is the data and how do I remove everything as clean as possible?

I'm running geth on a distant linux Ubuntu machine, I have a total of 12Gb disk space, I thought that would be enough, but it wasn't. I only had the minimal LAMP settings, I installed Geth with these ...
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Is web3 completely decentralized?

I think web3 is not completely decentralized or safe to use. Consider the following example: I have made a voting Dapp on Ethereum. Now my smart contract will be on the Ethereum blockchain and my ...
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How do the ethereum components work together

hy i have been reading about the ethereum project and its components, i understand that there are 3 major components (EVM, swarm, whisper) Swarm is a peer to peer data sharing network in which files ...
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Quorum and Swarm Integration

After building from Quorum source, I can see Swarm as on the binaries. How can one get Swarm to work alongside Quorum?
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